Campaign to lower childhood obesity


One in three children in the US is obese. This is a shocking figure I discovered when I started researching this subject, inspired by stories I'd heard for years from my Mom, an elementary school P.E. teacher. Even more worrisome, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and QUADRUPLED in adolescents in the past 30 years. What are have we been doing wrong, and is there a way to fix it?

US Childhood Obseity Rates (1974 - 2012)


It’s hard to keep track of passwords and usernames with so many different platformS, especially when you have multiple family members using each platform.
I can only watch shows linearly unless I want to physically switch after each one. There is a simple functionality when it comes to watching, unlike listening to music (playlists, queues.) s
If I’m watching a show, I have to switch providers to keep watching the most current episodes. Additionally, content exclusive to certain providers is only available through those interfaces.
If I’m in a certain mood, it’s hard to sift through so much content to find something based on how it will make you feel. And if I’m watching something new, I really only have small descriptions to go off of before I start watching and commit my time.
There's a LOT of talk about the hottest new tv shows all over social media, but you lose all of that context when you're in your actual platforms. There's no link between the two.


Role Worked alone as visual + UX designer

Date June 2015

This project was created in a UX design class at SCAD. I wanted to explore a concept with multiple pain points that was close to home, so I chose to tackle something I dealt with on a daily basis. I based the brag points of the project off of three different users I mapped that would use the platform.
This was the first time I had used Sketch, and I used it to create wireframes which I extensively user tested before moving to high fidelity mockups. We weren't required to code this project (thank goodness), so I used InVision to create a clickable prototype.


Once I had decided on my concept and conducted research, I identified 4 key users: Andrew the "busy binger," Dad the "slowly but surely" user, Liz the "afterwork emotional" user, and Holly the "unique content" viewer. I identified goals for all of those users, and mapped thier journeys through a potential flow in the platform. From their, I was able to identify brag points that solved my users' pain points and start creating wireframes. I rigorously tested the wireframes with my users, and was then able to move to high fidelity once I'd made the changes I needed to. Finally, I put those visuals into InVision for a clickable prototype.

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