Bluemix Availability Monitoring is a beast of a product. So, to help with first time users, we created a sidebar walkthrough of the product to give in context tutorials and explain new experiences that get progressively added.


I designed this component from scratch based on our users needs. I also created illustrations to solve the potential problem of having no data in the UI as you go through the initial walkthrough.


TEAM Bluemix Availability Monitoring

DATE May 2016

STATUS GA November 2016

The guided walkthrough panel is accessed from a help icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. Once inside the panel, which expands and pushes the content responsively, you are guided through a particular page or experience's walkthrough or resume a walkthrough where you left off.
The walkthroughs feature numbered explantations that correspond to pulsing numbers within the UI, showing the element within the page that the description is referring to. In case you are a first time user and have no data, illustrations show where that element in question would be located or how it would work.

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