Intern competition to develop a social media campaign for the new Acura NSX while at Razorfish.


To wrap up my internship at Razorfish, the interns were tasked with a week-long challenge to come up with a social media campaign for Acura during March Madness. Aiming to elevate Acura's brand to more luxury rather than "mass premium,"" our team chose to create hashtags that represented aspects of the brand playing off Acura's new supercar, the NSX.

TEAM Razorfish Interns (3 interns)

Role Lead the team, created visuals

Date August 2015

Our primary goal was to focus on aspects of the NSX that mde it unlike any other, and our second goal was to highlight aspects that had already trickled down to current Acura models, making it more applicable to general customers. After researching luxury itself, we noticed the definition has evolved a lot over the years. So, we decided to focus on the concept: "Reinvinting luxury." "
With this concept, we wanted to challenge consumers to question and analyze how they view luxury. By discovering the NSX, customers can discover a car that speaks to the future of the whole brand, and of a newly defined luxury. We focused on 4 ways Acura was reinvinting luxury: appearance, performance, quality, and technology, and created hashtags that can be used to promote them.


Analyzing March Madness viewers revealed 75% use their phones during games. We wanted to create a campaign that would debut the hashtags/campaign on social media, and drive customers to the microsite or encourage them to vote via Twitter or Instagram. TV spots and banner ads would also promote that week's hashtag.
Audiences would be encouraged to use the hashtags in relation to Acura or any aspect of luxury they think fits the definition. In addition, hashtags could be used in relation to game events, whether it's a particular jump shot that has #NSXappeal or a game winning play showing #NSXpertise.

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